Snow Blower Repair in Southington CT

Same story every Winter.  You pull out your snow blow and it wont start.  If you get it to start, it wont stay running.  You try the basic fixes and nothing works.  And now snow accumulation is on it’s way.

The handyman is here.  Two or them, very affordable and ready to help.  We have decades of experience fixing small engines, specifically snow blowers and lawn mowers.  Our rates for fixing snow blowers are very affordable.  If you do not have a means to get your snow blower to our garage, we will come pick it up for you and deliver it back for a very reasonable $25 service fee (witihn 15 miles of Southington).

While average handyman repairs range from around $100 to $200, most are closer to the $100 mark, plus cost of any parts, which are generally also very affordable.  We work with serveral suppliers for parts and generally can get the snow blower engine parts cheaper than you can.

We also offer snow blower tune-ups where we can do this service right at your home if you’d like.  It takes roughly 1 to 2 hours and the cost, including coming to your home is $100.

If you would like more information, please use the form to the right or contact us at any of the contact information on our contact us page.