Lawn Mower Repair in Southington CT

We’ve been fixing lawn mowers for over 40 years.  In many cases lawn mower repairs can be very simple.  The problem for smaller lawn mowers is that when the repairs get too costly, it seems getting a new lawn mower makes more economic sense.  The only trouble with this is – was the repair diagnosed correctly and could you have gotten in fixed cheap.

We can relatively diagnose a lawn mower repair quickly.  In most cases, if the lawnmower diagnosis determines the repair too costly, we will only charge you $25 for the diagnosis, regardless of how long it takes us to diagnose.

We have also found that the average repair to be roughly $75, including parts.  Why? Again, in many cases the repairs are fairly simple.  And what’s better is that we can do this right at your home.  No need to load up the lawn mower and bring it somewhere.  If the pair requires longer than a few hours, we may ask to bring the lawn mower back to our shop to return when the repair is completed.  There is no charge for this added service.

So, dont be so quick to toss your lawn mower away.  Let us diagnose your lawn mower repair first.